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HLR Lookup

Validating the world's telephone numbers

HLR Lookup checks numbers quickly with a real-time response. The responses include any numbers that are no longer in service (dead) and numbers that are not recognised (invalid). Our batch facility has made it easier than ever to upload thousands of numbers at once.

TPS Unlimited

Reliable way of checking numbers against the TPS Register.

TPS Unlimited makes this process fast simple and unlimited! For a minimal monthly fee you can ensure you never advertise or market to anyone registered on the TPS. Eliminating the risk of large fines and ensuring the reputation of your business remains intact.

Coming Soon

Enterprise grade API for text messaging

Directly send text messaging notifications to your customers using our online portal, or integrate quickly with our extensive API for real-time high-capacity messaging from your own application.


An advanced programmable switch to Supercharge VoIP calls

SipToolkit is a SIP based platform that provides an advanced programmable switch to boost VoIP calls. Allowing you to fully control your traffic with cutting-edge features that can be easily amended to suit your needs.